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My Life before I came in SPAC

Posted on February 21, 2012 by _mylyf_

               I am 2nd year working student in South Philippine Adventist College Camanchiles, Matanao Davao Del Sur, taking up Bachelor In Secondary Education major in English, and currently working in the Guidance office as a secretary and an active member also of the one of the singing ministry in SPAC the Southern Ambassadors. Definitely I really love to sing, such as Pop Songs, Classical Songs and Religious Songs. Actually the school where I am currently enrolled now is my third school. year 2010 I studied at University of Southeastern Philippines(USEP) Tagum-Mabini Branch taking up BEED. Because of some problems I decided t transfer at other school which is in U.M University of Mindanao hoping to avail a scholarship being offered in the School specifically in the Choir Group. Luckily I got accepted in the Official Choir in the School the UMTC Harmonic Chorale and was active for about 1 year. As the years went by we could really no predict what will happen. it was actually after Christmas I was asked to stop studying for another again and again financial problem so nothing to complain but to follow their decision what I did was just thinking to stay alone to them and learn to be independent . I work hard to earn money for my own, and to feed myself . I told to myself, is this the life that i am looking for??? oh i said definitely it’s not because every time I see students passing in my work place I cant explain the feelings existing here in my heart, but to pursue my dreams again and build my future. Without any hesitation I stopped working without informing my supervisor and stay at home waiting for time to ask again the permission of my beloved parents to study once again. I found out in my cellphone a number of my best friend which was currently working in SPAC, he asked me, Why did you call?? I said, I want to continue my studies…he said..really? no problem immediately you come here bring all the requirements needed as well as an advance payment for you place to stay and a food to eat.,,, so I informed my mother ahead and without any violent reactions they find money for me.. and two days after i was informed I went to the school where they called SOUTH PHILIPPINE ADVENTIST COLLEGE. Now I am fortunately here I know that God brought me to this school because it’s His plan for me. I do promise to myself that this would be my last school where I will graduate as a future teacher!

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